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Now Setup for TCOLE Training Credits
November 18, 2019

We are now able to provide the documents needed to submit for TCOLE (Texas Commission on Law Enforcement) Credits for training events. We have been working on this process for a while. Following the Texas Administrative Code (Title 37 Part 7 Chapter 218 Rule 218.1) and working with some contacts within TCOLE, we now have everything ready to go.

This is an exciting time for us! The feedback we have received both on and off the training mat regarding the techniques and variations we teach have told us that we are leaps and bounds above anything that is being taught in the Law Enforcement space. We have the ability to cover MORE Subjects with greater depth of knowledge than most when it comes to technical deployment of techniques and strategies.

These trainings and Credit Hours fall under TCOLE Course #2040. We following the Majiri-Waza Mixed Techniques (Throwing, Ground, Locking, Disarm) Lesson Plan, which is a dynamic Lesson Plan. The reason it's considered a dynamic Lesson Plan is because it can cover a wide range of Subjects, but not all techniques within all Subjects are within a given training event.

The general Subjects covered are,
    1. Nage-Waza Throwing (takedown) Techniques
    2. Ne-Waza Ground Techniques
    3. Kansetsu-Waza Locking Techniques
    4. Busouwotoku-Waza Disarm Techniques
    5. Open Scenarios and Questions

When the training event is completed and the necessary surveys are filled out and submitted by the attendees, we will then take all of the information and generate the doceuments needed for the attended to give to their perspective training department to be submitted to TCOLE for the CE Credits.

Here is a list of the documents provided via email post-training,
    1. Certificate of Training Completion
    2. Attendees' Submitted Critique
    3. Course/Lesson Outline
    4. Marketing Materials (aka: Flier)

The documents provided meet the requirements stipulated in the Texas Administrative Code (Title 37 Part 7 Chapter 218 Rule 218.1).

The document flow will be... Haas-Jitsu Defensive Systems >> Attendee via Email >> Attendees' Training Department for internal approval >> Submission to TCOLE via Attendees' Department

As part of this new setup, our Training Schedule has now been added to the website along with an Online Payment system, which will show the availability of space for perspective training events, and an Online Registration system.

Contact : Email web [at] haas-jitsu [dot] com if you have any questions about our program. Phone at (512) 970-7742. Be sure to leave a message if there is no answer.

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