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UT Systems Police Academy Reports ZERO Training Injuries
January 22, 2020

We reached out to the UT Systems Police Academy and asked for a report on the number of injuries reported during any of the training blocks run by Haas-Jitsu Defensive Systems. The response back to us was, "Since the 98th class (2016), there was not any Cadet reported injuries as a result of your block of instruction" [Note: Academy staffing and reporting systems changed in 2016]. Another response received was, "The reason we have not had injuries is all related to the caliber of instructor."

Talking with some Command Staff and Training Coordinators for smaller departments in the area, the main concern for NOT sending Officers to training is the potential injury during the training. This is totally understandable for smaller departments who can't afford to have an Officer out due to injury.

The problem with this philosophy is the cost and public perception comparison between LIMITED to NO TRAINING after the Academy and REGULAR or CONSISTENT TRAINING after the Academy.

    1. High Risk of Injuries sustained by the Officer(s) involved
    2. High Risk of Injuries sustained by the Subject(s) involved
    3. Cost of medical treatment for the Officer(s) AND Subject(s) to the department and the city
    4. Scene escalation due to a lack of Hand-to-Hand Techniques resulting in Excessive Use of Force
    5. Public perception regarding the amount of force used and/or lack of control by the Officer(s)
    6. Social Media backlash for posted video footage of perceived out of control Officer(s)
    7. Lost hours associated with any Excessive Use of Force event (Reports, Investigations, etc)

    1. Extremely Low Risk of Injuries due to the knowledge and proper use of legitimate techniques
    2. Little to no cost of medical treatment for the Officer(s) or Subject(s) to the department and the city
    3. Better knowledge and ability of effective Hand-to-Hand Techniques increasing Officer presence
    4. Reduction or prevention of scene escalation due to Officer confidence
    5. Reduction of Use of Force Reports, Investigations, and Complaints
    6. Safer and more professional overall interaction with the Public

Ultimately, the costs of LIMITED or NO TRAINING is far more expensive in terms of actual dollars spent and the negative Public perception surrounding escalated events where injuries occur.

The best solution is for Officers to get REGULAR or CONSISTENT TRAINING. This creates a more confident Officer, which will reduce the negative or hostile interactions and create a safer overall environment and interaction with the public.

UT Systems Police is the 3rd largest Police force in the State of Texas. With each BPOC Academy, we teach a 4 hour block, 2 hour block, and run a "No Quit Drill". There are, on average, 2 BPOC Academies per calendar year. UT Systems Police Academy also provides the BPOC Academy for the surrounding smaller Police and Sheriff Departments in the area.

To put it all in perspective, to have ZERO Training Injuries during our training blocks is outstanding.

If there are any questions regarding the quality of training or instruction we provide, we would be more than happy to provide the contact information to the Command Staff at the UT Systems Police Academy for verification of our claims.

Any trainings that we currently have on the schedule can be found on the Training Schedule page. If your department is interested in setting up a training, please contact us via the information below.

Contact : Email web [at] haas-jitsu [dot] com if you have any questions about our program. Phone at (512) 970-7742. Be sure to leave a message if there is no answer.

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